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Dynamic Warmup and Flexibility Training video

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 In “Dynamic Warmup and Flexibility Training,” gymnasts of all levels and ages will learn a pre-meet and pre-practice warmup that will prepare every muscle for the demands of gymnastics. There are over thirty exercises to choose from, and detailed instruction of technique is provided for each exercise. Gone are the days of static stretching- dynamic exercise has proven to be the most effective way to increase mobility. The exercises can even be performed on a daily basis, even if you're not a gymnast! What are the benefits of dynamic exercise?

· quickly increased blood flow to muscles and joints
· improved mobility
· significantly reduced risk of injury by taking each muscle and joint through its full range of motion

Dynamic stretching has revolutionized the fitness world and the way we stretch. "Dynamic Warmup and Flexibility Training" is the perfect complement to any GymnasticStrong strength training video to complete your conditioning program. You’ll never want to do static stretches before you exercise again! GymnasticStrong does provide instruction of several static stretches at the end of this video to be used as a cool down, and the warmup also includes foam roll self-massage and muscle warmup exercises. 

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