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'Create Your Own' GymnasticStrong 2-DVD training package

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Create your own 2-DVD training package appropriate for your gymnast's level.  Add 'Dynamic Warmup and Flexibility Training' to either 'Youth Strength and Stability Training' or 'Competitive and Elite Strength and Conditioning' to provide a gymnast with the full flexibility and strength training program. List price automatically includes a $10 discount on the 2nd DVD.

Pick two DVDs:

Dynamic Warmup and Flexibility Training

In “Dynamic Warmup and Flexibility Training,” gymnasts of all levels and ages will learn a pre-competition and pre-practice warmup that will prepare every muscle for the demands of gymnastics. There are over thirty exercises to choose from, and detailed instruction of technique is provided for each exercise. Gone are the days of static stretching- dynamic exercise has proven to be the most effective way to increase mobility. The exercises can even be performed on a daily basis, even if you're not a gymnast! What are the benefits of dynamic exercise?

- increased blood flow to muscles and joints

- improved mobility

- significantly reduced risk of injury by taking each muscle and joint through its full range of motion

Dynamic stretching has revolutionized the fitness world and the way we stretch. This DVD is the perfect complement to any GymnasticStrong DVD to complete conditioning program. You’ll never want to do static stretches before competing or practicing again! GymnasticStrong does provide instruction of several static stretches at the end of this DVD to be used as a cool down, and the warmup also includes foam roll self-massage and muscle warmup exercises.


Competitive and Elite Strength and Conditioning

At the levels which a gymnast is asked to perform challenging beam and bar routines, powerful vaults, and difficult tumbling passes, a gymnast must possess significant core strength, lower extremity stability, muscular power, and endurance. This program will take your training to new heights to achieve the strength necessary to move to the next level and beyond....

In "Competitive and Elite Strength and Conditioning," gymnasts age 11+ are instructed exercises in three different circuits that last 30-45 minutes each, depending on the number of sets and repetitions you choose to complete. Each exercise clip includes full demonstration and instruction of proper technique and body mechanics, focusing on core, upper body, and lower body strengthening, and plyometric training. The exercises can be progressed from a skilled to highly advanced level for the elite competitive gymnast with the use of weights, sport cords, foam rolls, TRX straps, and sliding discs. The challenge levels are endless, and you choose how fast or slow you progress, according to your ability and schedule!You will also receive a written exercise progression for each exercise.

Youth Strength and Stability Training

A developing young gymnast does not naturally possess the balance, coordination, strength, and movement patterns necessary for the mastery of basic gymnastic skills. "Youth Strength and Stability Training" has all of the tools to improve upon these areas to become a better gymnast and athlete.

In this DVD a gymnast is given three different circuits, each 25-40 minutes in length, depending on the repetitions and sets the gymnast chooses to complete. The first circuit, for gymnasts age 7-8, teaches beginning core and strengthening exercises, and movement patterns necessary for an athlete to progress through the beginning gymnastic levels.  Two ‘Developing Youth’ circuits, for gymnasts ages 8-10, will help a gymnast build core stability and balance, improve body awareness, and build a strong foundation for future gymnastic skills on each apparatus. Each exercise clip includes detailed demonstration and instruction of proper body mechanics and technique. The exercises in this DVD range from simple to moderately difficult, depending on the gymnast’s skill level, and each exercise is progressed as the gymnast becomes stronger. You choose the speed of your progressions according to your comfort level.  

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